Muzică reprezintă hrană pentru suflet de când omenirea a invățat să se stabilească intr-o comunitate. In partea imediat următoare vă prezentăm o listă cu surse de unde puteți asculta melodii cu temă ezoterică.

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Neuroprogramare prin muzică

Care e principiul ? Doua tonuri sonore apropiate ca si frecventa, ascultate una intr-o ureche si alta in cealalta urece (sunete binaurale) genereaza in creier o frecventa de beat calculata prin diferenta dintre frecvente, care de obicei este in spectrul subsonic. Adica, atunci cand intr-o ureche se aude un sunet cu o anumita frecventa (sa zicem, 137 Hz) si in cealalta ureche se aude un sunet cu alta frecventa (exemplu, 130 Hz), creierul va incerca sa echilibreze cumva frecventa ajunsa la el, prin a face diferenta intre cele doua. Astfel, se va „seta” pe o frecventa de 137-130 Hz adica 7 Hz.

Chiar si daca voi nu detectati un anumit sunet (fiind in afara spectrului auditiv uman), totusi el e receptionat de creier insa nu e transformat in informatie sonora.

Principalele unde cerebrale se impart asa:

  • Delta – 0-4 Hz
  • Theta – 6-10 Hz sau 6-7 Hz dupa unii
  • Alpha – 8-12 Hz
  • Beta – 12-30 Hz
  • Gamma – 25-40 Hz

Delta sunt cele din somn si somn adanc, iar Beta sunt cele ale starii de alerta, agitatie. Unii asociaza undele Gamma cu stari inalte de constiinta.

Procedeul e simplu. Iei una bucata de casti bune, de preferat izolate fonic; bagi in urechi/pui pe urechi, dai drumul la sunet si te relaxezi. Fie pe scaun, fie pe pat. Grija mare sa nu adormi, si stai fie cu ochii inchisi fie cu ei deschisi. Incerci sa nu te gandesti la nimic care sa-ti solicite prea mult mintea, si apoi astepti aproximativ 5-10 minute. Dupa un timp, efectele incep sa se simta. Maxim am stat asa 1 ora.

In cazul undelor Theta, am reusit sa ating o stare mentala atat de relaxata si deschisa, incat dupa 30 de minute de citit pe acele frecvente (adica la 5-10 minute dupa inceputul sunetelor, am inceput sa citesc dintr-o carte) am reusit sa retin absolut totul din aproximativ 40 de pagini. Si nu exagerez. Nota de la examen sta marturie !

In cazul undelor Delta, am adormit cu boxele pornite ruland acel sunet de o parte si de alta a patului. Nu m-am rotit de pe o parte pe alta, doar pe spate am dormit. In 45 de minute am simtit ca am dormit cat in 3 ore. O odihna superba.

In cazul celor Gamma, inca raman in dubii. Starea era de o alerta relaxata in care observam foarte multe detalii din jur si le procesam foarte rapid fara efort. Insa nu am facut prea multe experimente cu astea.

In starea Alpha am eliminat o multime de dureri de cap.

Printre alte efecte au fost si cresterea capacitatii de memorare chiar si dupa sedintele binaurale, dar numai dupa vreo cateva zile cu cate 3 sesiuni minim/zi. Sau atingerea unui calm in conditii de stres, fara vreun efort (si fara sa ma straduiesc sa pastrez calmul cand cineva ma presa foarte mult). Ma rog, au fost multe.

In meditatii, inducerea de stari Theta m-a ajutat mult la transpunerea constiintei in diverse parti ale corpului; de exemplu sa ma simt ca si cum as fi in palma mea, nu cum ne simtim in mod normal „localizati” undeva in zona capului; sa pot privi si simti restul corpului dinspre palma intinsa in fata mea. Au mai fost si altele, dar lista e lunga.

Muzică pentru ritual

Vă oferim câteva recomandări:

Versuri oculte si esoterice

Coven – Coven In Charing Cross


Thirteen cultists
Held a secret meeting,
Bringing powers of the darkness
Upon those who opposed them.
The cheif of the circle,
Known as Malchius
Drank the blood of a young baby
Offered unto him.
They danced ecstatically,
The orgied frantically.
The demon had arisen
From the circle on the floor.
The chanting was much louder
And more piercing than before.
They are seven.
They are seven.
Seven are they.
Out of the abyss they rise,
When day sinks into darkness.
Seven are they.
Coven in charing cross...
Coven in charing cross...
Soon, a certain family
Living in the village,
Would die one by one by
The curse of the cult.
The head of the family,
A witchhunter named Mead,
Had burned their leadser at the stake;
Soon he'd regret his deed.
Pain from Devil's we evoke!
Thirst and suffer til he'd choked.
The magic did take over
And the soul did feel the roar.
Incantations were much louder
And more piercing than before.
Born in the bowels of the hills
Evil ones, sources of ills.
Setters of unseen snares,
Death to all pity, all prayers.
Male they are not.
Female they are not.
No wives have they known.
No children begot.
The fiends they are seven,
Disturbers of heaven.
They are seven.
They are seven.
Seven they are.
Coven in charing cross...
Coven in charing cross...

„Thirteen cultists”

In varianta traditionala, toate coven-urile de vrajitoare erau formate de 13 participanti.

"Held a secret meeting"

Sabbatul vrajitoarelor.

"Bringing powers of the darkness
Upon those who opposed them. "


"The cheif of the circle"

High Priest-ul

"Drank the blood of a young baby
Offered unto him."

Vechea speculatie cum ca vrajitoarele satanice beau sange si sacrifica bebelusi in timpul ritualelor (ex. Guibourg Mass)

"They danced ecstatically,
The orgied frantically. "

Dansul si orgia vrajitoarelor din timpul sabbatului.

"The demon had arisen
From the circle on the floor."

Invocatie demonica in stil Solomonic, cu cerc pe podea.

Nu uitati… piesa asta era cantata in 1969 !

Coven – Black Sabbath

They journeyed far to Brocken Mountain pinnacle.
A gathering of dread, an awesome spectacle.
Each in his hand, a candle of black.
Their faces grave, a deathlike mask.
The prince assumed the person of the goat,
Reigning upon his throne distant and far remote.
The cauldrons boiled as the fires burned.
The deep'ning shadows, two figures turned.
Bubbling pots of ungents and potions,
Flames revealing the obscene motions.
Old hags murmur in evil ranting!
Voices grow louder and join in the chanting.
Infants' flesh they did offer
For the prince to devour.
Covens join, all combine,
Powers strong, thoughts align.
If witchcraft all the fools condemn,
It turns around and crushes them.
When good has been twisted,
When good has been killed,
Then love is resisted and blood will be spilled.
Accursed ye'll be!
From toes to eyes!
Accursed ye'll be!
Until ye dies!

Interitus Dei – In Praise Of Lilith

The deeper I fall,
The higher I fly.
I am the wing of fear,
The incarnation of night.
My rebellion forced God
To see his dark side.
Creation and Creator
Will always collide.
Fruits of anger!
By the force of darkness
You dared to stand tall,
You refused to obey,
Never did you crawl.
With your eyes like blood,
Your wings wide spread,
You denied your father,
Refuse to bow your head.
Nadaria Salomia Cadar Zlie Feti Tia.
Eager to be lost in the night,
Unborn children came into sight.
In a ritual deicide,
They spill the blood of a mourning bride.
So, in praise of Lilith, they dance all the night,
In praise of Lilith they will swallow the light.
A black moon appears to murder the day,
Shining dark, it scares the Sun away.
Banished from Eden,
Deep in the sea,
Hand in hand with monsters,
She spends the eternity.
Take care what you wish for
‘Cause it might come true!
So, never call her name.
She might come to you.
In the darkest nights
I spread my wings,
I’m the mistress of shadows,
The priestess of sins.
I fly through your dreams,
I own your soul,
I’m the undead queen,
The eternal ghoul.

Interitus Dei – Isis Enthroned

Rise, you, Sebenithian godess!
Let us honor your thousand names,
Rise, you, holy mother of Horus,
Your memory will remain the same!
By the power of the snake
You found the secret name of Re,
So let the venom flow through out mortal veins,
Let us know your wisdom, break our chains!
Nephtis gathered your flesh and bones
And on your face she opened your eyes,
Bring Osiris back with your breath,
‘Cause you have the power of life and death.
Bless the dark land, Kemi!
Bless your people, queen!
On your knees before Isis enthroned!
Bow your head before Isis enthroned!
In the name of Tefen,
In the name of Toth,
Let us come to you,
Isis enthroned!
For all the pain you’ve suffered
For Osiris, husband and brother,
You gave birth to Horus
To avenge his father.
We are the ones who worship
Your magic and your word,
Our queen and goess,
Isis enthroned!

Ancient – The Emerald Tablet

Innocent games of unwritten spells as a child, animals are companions and
mentors, and the moon my night side mother.
No one understood them, few comprehend nowæ
She awoke with eyes of fire to a world demented by spinners feeling,
smelling, tasting all before her made her live. Growing, walking, talking,
power taking form, ignoring all beneath her refusing to conform.
"My innocence was a time of feeling pleasure in the rain. I learned from
all creatures of instinct the magic within joy and pain."
Now she swims to the watery depths of darkness unreachable by most. Forever
mocked by an angry mob like parasites on a new host, for the one who
strives to reveal all aspects of life is hated, hunted, by those who fear
"By the time I was one with the moon and tide, I was detested for not
having banished my pride. Being strong in my age of circle and seas I raged
against all on bended knees!"
Her fall is one of beauty revealing colors undistributed by a storming sky.
With skill and patience learnt from Crane she drips blood of her veins to
bind what she claims, power beyond wisdom, faces without names.
"My chance for smoke and mystery so close to earth am I. My time is matched
by wisdom and I am not afraid to die."
The crisp clean winds of the old man have come for her at last. He loves
her with his mighty heart and plans to take her fast.
Most run from old man winter for fear of growing cold. So set in the
reality that they have bought and sold, not this grand lady she flies away
with a smile. You can hear her singing beyond a year and past a mile.
"My time has filled the circle. The Sun's inside the moon. My essence is
free to breath, as my body decays in a tomb."
Spring, fire. Summer, water. Autumn, Earth. Winter, Air. Daughter, killer.
Mother, blood. Wolf, salmon, deer, fox. Pauper's princess. Christ's desire,
Live, Evil!

Inkubus Sukkubus – Io Pan

Great god of all mankind, of nature and of lust
Of the future yet untold and nations in the dust
From an age of wood and stone, through bronze, iron and steel
In the forests and in the trees and in both man and beast
For a hundred-thousand years and onto the future days
Hes the earth, hes the sky and hes the solar blaze
Io Pan! God of death and all creation
Io Pan! God of lust and of nature
Great god of the internet, his web around the earth
In every city in every land, across the whole wide world
Pan, Herne, Cernunnos, Lord of the Sacred Flame
But to the Christian fools Satan is his name
Angel of the Seraphim, they dread him more than death
And they wait for apocalypse, they wait with bated breath
Io Pan! God of death and all creation
Io Pan! God of lust and of nature
Io Pan! God of all that stands before us
Io Pan! God of light and god of darkness
Great god of the wild hunt, speed us to the prey
To the game, to the stars, speed us all the way
Guide for me my axe of flint and let my aim be true
Lord of darkness, Lord of light, lead us to the truth
Great god of the Universe give me my hearts desire
Give to me the gift of flight and your eternal fire

Cargo – Ielele

Undeva din munte
Se-aude chemare.
Ielele nebune
Pregatesc licoare.
Dansul lor si vraja
Ne atrag spre ele,
Se prefac din mana
Stralucind inele.
Ielele hoate, fetele in ie
Surori si soate vor sa ne fie.
Undeva din munte
Se-aude chemare.
Ard focuri multe,
Trupurile-s goale.
Dansul lor si vraja
Ne atrag spre ele.
Duhuri se aduna
Cat mai este luna.
De-ar inceta chemarea,
Cum muntii n-au sa-nece marea.
Sunet de poveste, veste rea...

Cargo – Ziua Vrajitoarelor

Intr-o zi de joi, ca asa-i la noi,
Seara se lasa fara folos.
Parca nu-i asa si e altceva.
Norii se lasau pana jos.
Frunzele fosneau, cainii toti urlau,
Ca se aratau varcolaci.
Iata ielele, vrajitoarele ursitoarele si un vraci.
Azi e ziua lor, ziua ielelor, vrajitoarelor, pana-n zori.
Iata se pornesc si se sfatuiesc.
Boabe si furnici, ierburi si urzici.
Tot ce e aici, mana lor.
In palma ti-au scris soarta ta.
O, o, o, ai un mare noroc !
O, o, o, ghinioane deloc !
Tot ce vezi sa nu crezi ca asa ti-e viata.
Poti sa-ntrebi daca vrei, VRAJITOARELE.

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